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The task of cleaning hazardous materials such as toxic and nuclear wastes was a problem for the EPA until a totally organic material was brought in to alleviate that toxicity in 1969. This organic material was Magnesium Oxide. In a few months, the EPA ended the study due to the lack of any sign of toxicity.

While many people have heard of Magnesium, most of them are not aware of just how important this ‘essential’ mineral really is. We cannot live without Magnesium. Excess calcium combined with low Magnesium will create osteoporosis and fragile bones. Dehydrated cells age more quickly and retain toxins. Prilly Pure Water is super-hydrating and have shown in recent tests to raise and balance pH levels of the water to 8.7 and the body to 8.4 which puts more oxygen into your cells. Cancers and diseases live in an acidic/anaerobic body…Prilly Pure Water is Alkaline and super-hydrating!

It is a fact that the healing ability of Magnesium has an impact on a wide range of health conditions, while at the same time having a rejuvenating effect on the human body. Over 350 bio-chemical reactions that either won’t occur at all or will occur inefficiently in your body if it is deficient in Magnesium. The ability to fight infections is a Magnesium attribute.

It removes toxins from water and from your body. Anything unnatural in the water is removed leaving you with toxic-free water. It neutralizes and removes chlorine, fluoride and contaminants in water. These contaminants are turned into gases and vented off the top of the water. NO MORE CHEMICALS in the POOL, SPA/HOT TUB! Why let your children swim in these chemicals and unhealthy pool water?

 The beads last forever and Never need replacing…unlike filtered, purified and reverse osmosis water there are NO expensive filters to replace every 3-6 months! For a one-time investment starting as low as $35 for tap, well or rain catchment drinking water purification and starting as low as $100 for pool, spa or hot tub water purification w/o chemicals.

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A few days after starting to drink Prilly Pure Water, could feel more energy, slept sounder and my skin felt more moist and smooth. The taste of other water that I usually drank every day tasted terrible. I love Prilly Pure Water!
S...Kihei, HI