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Emerging Contaminants

Should I be concerned? With advances in testing and health research, experts are learning of new potential dangers in our drinking water.


 Two examples: EDCs (endocrine disrupting compounds) and PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products). Up to 90% of oral drugs pass through thehuman body and end up I our water supply Personal care products also find their way into our water. Endocrine disrupters are substances that may interfere with the function of hormones in the body. Researchers are finding trace amounts of all these contaminants in water throughout the country. The fish in Seattle, WA have been found to have Starbucks caffeine in them.

Finding Emerging Contaminants

In My Water Home testing for many newly discovered threats does not exist. In some cases, state labs can test for these contaminants and local pros can provide water treatment to address them.


Planners believe that homeowners will increasingly face these concerns with Final Barrier Technology which are comprehensive and expensive treatment devices placed at or near the faucet. Only about 1% of the water coming into our homes is ingested by humans. The rest goes for laundry, washing and other uses.


For far-off treatment plants to protect against all new threats when  90% of the water won’t even move through the human body is not feasible.


To feel confident that you are protecting your family against contaminants Prilly Pure Water beads absorb and dissipate contaminants in the water canisters you use. Once the water is made, it cannot be contaminated and will clean up anything it comes in contact with. The water will not support lower life forms such as germs, bacteria or fungi.


Get Your Water Analysis Done by Us


Nothing is more important than water. As a crucial part of our existence, we need to be certain that the water we consume and provide to our families is of high quality. Tap, well and even filtered water quality is prone to fluctuation and possible contamination. Testing enables you to be sure of your water’s purity.

You can have an 8 point analysis of your water tested by us starting as low as $25.


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“A few days after my wife, who is in a wheelchair, started drinking Prilly Pure Water and her energy has really increased after many years and we love the taste. My daughter-in-law who is a chemist told me it was great for us all to drink. I went for a checkup and my doctor told me that whatever I was doing I should keep doing.”
D...Kihei, HI