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Prilly Pure Water is the Healthiest Drinking Water available!


Also, because it is only purified water, you can use it for coffee, tea, rinsing veggies, bathing and brushing your teeth(the mouth is the home of most germs).


NO expensive equipment or costly filters to replace ever! The beads last forever and never wear out!


Your water is purified by placing Magnesium oxide (MgO) beads in your drinking water canister and energizing that water for your drinking Health!


One-time purchase starting as low as $35!


Even if you have perfectly pure water, you still need MAGNESIUM in it!



Why I did it!

I met a woman from the Ukraine who had travelled to Australia where she had heard about the healing power of Magnesium Oxide beads.


She showed me photos of what cancer had done to her face and nose. Harsh discoloration and open wounds on both cheeks and her nose was wasting away. BUT, now, her face was perfect and her nose had only a dry spot on it!


Her therapy was to drink this prilled MgO water and wash and mist her face regularly throughout the day. NO cancer can live in an environment of high oxygen and high alkaline levels and she was a testament to the power to heal herself by drinking Magnesium Oxide water!


Our mission is to provide a healthy alternative to drinking tap water, purified water, well water, rain catchment water and Especially Bottled Water. And to put an end to harsh Chlorine/Bromine in your pool/spa/hottub.


Mahalo, Richard Fishman

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I noticed my  energy increase, thirst for good water increased, pain in my stomach went away as did the acne on my back that I had had for years also cleared up to my joy! I also rinse my face in the morning/evening and mist it from a spray bottle. My skin feels wonderful! I love Prilly Pure Water.
LM...Kipahulu, HI